Central location, safe environment

The Region of Leipzig scores points with stable framework conditions for companies as well as with ideal traffic connections.

The location of the Region of Leipzig is simply unique. It’s located at the intersection of the two historic trade routes of the Via Regia and the Via Imperii in the heart of Europe, and the city of Leipzig has developed a lively trade system that can still be felt during its tradition-steeped trade fairs, a variety of retailers and innovative e-commerce companies.

The region is surrounded by a congestion-free motorway ring that opens transport routes in all directions; particularly the Eastern European markets can be easily reached within only a few driving hours. Furthermore, state-of-the-art railways and reliable flight connections make the region an ideal location for rapid deliveries throughout the entire European continent.

The Region of Leipzig particularly scores points in international comparisons due to its reliable and stable framework for business decisions. This concerns for example internal security and danger prevention, transparent administration and independent jurisdiction as well as a welcoming culture towards international specialists – irrespective of their religion or origin.