Chemical industry

Synthesis of innovations

The Region of Leipzig, and especially Böhlen in the south of Leipzig, constitutes the south eastern part of the simultaneously tradition-steeped and modern “Chemiedreieck” or Central German Chemical Triangle, to which many hundred companies as well as numerous partners from universities and other research facilities belong. Within the key sector of chemistry, the Dow Olefinverbund GmbH plant in Böhlen belongs to the one of the largest and most significant chemical sites in the Free State of Saxony. Together with the Dow plants in Schkopau, Leuna and Teutschenthal in neighbouring Saxony-Anhalt, the Böhlen plant constitutes a highly integrated material network and is connected to the global material and goods flow by a comprehensive pipeline network.

The petrochemical company works with the chemical parks in neighbouring Saxony-Anhalt and in a material engineering compound that is manufactured via a modern pipeline network. The raw materials are sourced from the nearby refinery in Leuna (Total). The Dow Chemical Company produces basic chemicals and high-performance plastics in the Region of Leipzig.

Dow produces basic chemicals such as ethylene, acrylate, butadiene and aniline in their Böhlen plant. Further products at this location are styrene and hydrocarbon resins. The majority of the petrochemical base materials that are manufactured here are processed into high-quality plastics at the Dow locations in Schkopau and Leuna in neighbouring Saxony-Anhalt.

High-performance suppliers, processors and service providers have settled near the production plants of the globally active Dow corporation. Another globally active corporation, Air Liquide, operates a production plant for technical gases in Böhlen.

The Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH (Plastics Centre, or KuZ), a competence centre for the key industries of chemistry and plastics for injection moulding and polyurethane (PUR) processing, is also located in the scientific and research location of Leipzig.

companies in the region
430 million
in annual revenue
available professionals
<10,000 m²
more than 100 available sites