Food industry

Appetising, regional and healthy – one region is serving it up

Companies from many areas of the food industry, together with upstream agriculture, are one of the economic pillars of the Region of Leipzig when it comes to their interactions in the metropolitan centres and the surrounding rural areas.

Valuable natural areas and distinct rural tradition creates the foundation for high-quality agricultural products and prepare the ground for sustainable food production, processing and refinement. Short distances between the producers to the further processing of the raw materials are maintained as a quality feature.

The wide range of companies in the food industry ranges from specialised growers of regional products to branches of internationally active companies. Gemüsebau Kyhna, Obstland Dürrweitzschen AG, Delitzscher Schokoladenfabrik, Wurzener Dauerbackwaren GmbH, anona GmbH in Colditz, Krostitzer Brauerei and the Leipziger Brauhaus zu Reudnitz are some of the renowned manufacturers who can look back on decades of tradition and who are establishing themselves step by step in trans-regional markets with their high-quality specialities.

Wurzener-branded grain products (cereals, rice and snacks) and Wurzener pastries (from the von de Beukelaer Group), fruit from Saxony, poultry from Mutzschen, fish from Wermsdorf as well as chocolate and sweets from Delitzsch all enjoy brand status. The rising quality requirements concerning food production are driving numerous innovations in other sectors. The regional and trans-regional network of companies, institutions, research and educational establishments are contributing to the innovation boost in the food industry.

companies in the region
624 million
in annual revenue
available professionals
<10,000 m²
more than 100 available sites