IT & e-commerce

Trading at the speed of light

Trade has made Leipzig famous and prosperous in the past. Trade also means change, and in the past few years numerous e-commerce companies have settled in Leipzig and created a number of “new” jobs. Amazon opened its second-largest German centre here in 2005. Momox, a second-hand dealer from Berlin, has also taken over approximately 80,000 m² of the former Quelle centre and has therefore largely assigned a new use to the space. Leipzig is also the home of many specialist mail-order companies, such as Taschenkaufhaus or Spreadshirt

In the IT sector, the software Company SoftwareOne, which is owned by the Austrian Raiffeisen Group, stands out with its 1,800 employees in 29 different countries. There are also numerous specialist software developers in Leipzig, such as the S+P Group, Pro Soft Krippner GmbH, itCampus Software und Systemhaus GmbH, or Perdata-Arvato.

companies in the region
1.5 million
in annual revenue
available professionals
<10,000 m²
more than 100 available sites