Life science & biotechnology

Cutting-edge research for the good of mankind

In the investment Region of Leipzig, the collaboration of university research under laboratory conditions is combined with an ongoing commercial utilisation of innovations, particularly in the areas of healthcare and biotechnology. Intensive public funding supports this research-intensive area within the framework of the Biotechnology Offensive of the Free State of Saxony. BIO CITY LEIPZIG, a technology and new business incubator in the area of biotechnology, is the focal point for this. It was opened in 2003 and has established itself in the top group of nationwide comparable facilities.

Thus far, 25 companies with more than 500 employees have found a place to call home in BIO CITY LEIPZIG. The BioCube, which was opened in 2013, offers all of the prerequisites for the establishment and expansion of further companies with clear orientation towards biotechnology and biomedicine. Neighbouring development areas are available for the expansion of the campus and provide excellent conditions for the growth of expanding companies. Well-known companies such as Vita 34 AG and Haema AG have meanwhile located their corporate head offices in Leipzig due to this new business incubator. The area of basic research in BIO CITY is supported by the Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine at the University of Leipzig.

Some of the decisive advantages are the close ties between theory and practice and between the research result and application. The collaboration between the university and companies has been especially close since the founding of the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immune Research in Leipzig in 2005, where, among other things, new active agents are tested and biomarkers are developed.

companies in the region
430 million
in annual revenue
available professionals
<10,000 m²
more than 100 available sites