Funding opportunities

We work for you in a strong network.

Have you already found the ideal location for your company in the Region of Leipzig? Then an important step for your success story has already been taken. We will be pleased to accompany your settlement together with our municipal business development colleagues. This concerns the consultation and procurement of the proper partners and competences for questions regarding financing and funding possibilities, authorisation, the recruitment of specialists and much more.

In this way you benefit from our network and experience.

An overview of our services for you:


Coordination and synchronisation with all project partners


Arranging contacts to industry and technology networks, service providers and local experts in the Region of Leipzig


Arrangement of appointments with funding and financing partners


Communication with public authorities and offices


Questions concerning suitable personnel via our contacts to the Federal Employment Agency and to private personnel service providers

Develop your company at the selected location with the free and confidential support of Invest Region Leipzig GmbH, which acts together with the Offices for Economic Development of the City of Leipzig and the two districts of Northern Saxony and Leipzig.